[CSED233] Data Structure

Instructor: Seung-Hwan Baek


Data Structures is an essential area of study for computer scientists and for anyone who will ever undertake any serious programming task. This course deals with the fundamentals of organizing and manipulating data efficiently using clean conceptual models. Students study many of the important conceptual data types, their implementation, and analysis of their efficiency. Topics will cover algorithm analysis, lists, trees, priority queues, dictionaries (hash tables, balanced search trees), graphs, strings (tries, pattern matching), and sorting.


  1. Introduction to Data Structure

  2. C++

  3. Algorithm

  4. List

  5. Tree

  6. Priority Queue

  7. Sorting

  8. Binary Search Tree, AVL Tree

  9. B Tree

  10. Dictionary and Hashing

  11. Graph Representation

  12. Graph Traversals

  13. Shortest Path Finding

  14. Minimum Spanning Tree